Spring Koshien: 4 aces win it

Congratulations to Ryuukokudai Heian on winning the 2014 Spring edition of the Koshien tournament. Continue reading


Spring Koshien: Kansai represent

It’ll be a local affair in the final as teams from Osaka and Kyoto made it through today. Continue reading

Spring Koshien: Down to four

The quarterfinals took place today and Kiryuu Dai-ichi payed the price for riding their staff ace too hard. Continue reading

Spring Koshien: Let’s play two

The tournament will have its first replay as today’s second game did not produce a winner after 15 innings. Continue reading

Spring Koshien: First round concludes, second round kicks off

With the rain wiping out yesterday’s games, the Koshien tournament entered the second phase today with a couple of 2nd round match-ups.

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