…and here’s a few blogs that might be interesting (I will try to add links from here on):

Just Baseball – a German baseball podcast

Marinerds, etc.
NPB Tracker
Yakyu Baka
高校野球 (Kokoyakyu)

Amazin’ Avenue
Mets Blog
The Crazy Mets Fan
Faith And Fear In Flushing
Mets Police
Metsmerized Online
Brookyln Met Fan
The 7 Line
Kranepool Society
Mets Lifers
Mets 360
My Beloved Mets

Hanshin Tigers:
Tiger Tails
Tigersmania (French)

Some Twitter accounts that might be of interest:
@JCoskrey – Japan based baseball journalist, great play-by-play tweets
@RealEdwinDizon – Tune in for everything Koshien
@KazNagatsuka – Japanese baseball journo.
@RealKenDick – New York based Mets fanatic and pretty knowledgable when it comes to Japanese baseball
@marinerds – Deanna’s account, which she doesn’t use that often, but when she does, look out.
@gwynar – Gen of Yakyu Baka.
@yakyunightowl – Supplying you with lots of info about Japanese baseball. Great retweets.

My other blogs:
Punkrock, Football, Drinks and other boring stuff (English)
Wir sind für Thunfisch (German)
Life on the road (English)
「次の試合はいつも一番難しい試合です。」 (Japanese)


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