This is by no means meant to be a serious source of information for anyone interested in baseball. This is just me writing about stuff that comes to my mind while watching games. Me, that is someone living in Germany who watched his first baseball game on TV in 1991 when the World Series was still shown on cable television in Europe. The station that had broadcast the Series ceased to exist shortly after the end of the season and for some reason I went into baseball hibernation for the next 16 years. When Daisuke Matsuzaka was supposed to pitch for the Boston Red Sox in 2007 my interest in Japan and everything connected with the country took over and I started watching. And watching. And watching. Watching almost every game I was able to see. From afar. From across the pond. And then I remembered that there was baseball being played in Japan as well. Not just on a professional level, but in high schools as well. And so I watched the Hanshin Tigers. And the Summer Koshien tournament. And while I watched, American Baseball, Japanese Baseball, Japanese High School Baseball, I was reading. Trying to catch up. With the history of the game. With what happened in years before and long gone by. Everytime someone mentioned a player from the past I’d go and look up who that player had been, where he had played, what position, what club, what his stats were.

Which brings me here. I still watch. American baseball. Japanese baseball. Japanese High School Baseball. I fell in love with the New York Mets and I can’t explain why. I really like the Hanshin Tigers and I think it’s because I like Osaka and the Kansai region so much. I really dig Japanese High School Baseball because of the passion and pure joy those kids bring onto the field. I’m fortunate enough (well, that really depends on your point of view. Other people might call this self-torture) to have seen the Mets play at Citi Field, I’ve been in the right field stands at Koshien Stadium to cheer on the Tigers and I saw the Carp take the field at Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium in Hiroshima. But I haven’t been to a game in Germany. So on thing on my to-do list is going to watch my local team play. I saw my local team in Cologne play and enjoyed the relaxed and wonderful atmosphere there.

I’m no stathead, so please don’t look for any information about players on this blog. I’ll just write about what comes to my mind. What motivated me was that one of my boring tweets was mentioned on the ESPN site for New York. Most of it will be in English, although there might be an occasional article in Japanese. Hope you don’t mind.

Play ball.


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