Pitching picking up

Yet another roundup posting, I apologize.

Day 6:
Oumi (Shiga) – Naruto (Tokushima) 8-0
Jouhoku (Kumamoto) – Toukaidai Bouyou (Chiba) 5-3
Toukaidai Sagami (Kanagawa) – Moriokadai Fuzoku (Iwate) 3-4
Kakunodate (Akita) – Yazu (Tottori) 1-6

Day 7:
Okinawa Shougaku (Okinawa) – Sakushin Gakuin (Tochigi) 3-1
Bushuukan (Nord Hokkaido) – Hachinohe Gakuin Kousei (Aomori) 2-4
Kanzei (Okayama) – Toyama Shougyou (Toyama) 1-3
Kasukabe Kyouei (Saitama) – Tsuruga Kehi (Fukui) 1-10

I was able to watch the Kakunodate vs Yazu game and while it did start out very interesting in the end Yazu were to much for Kakunodate to handle. Still watching Kakunodate’s starter RHP Souma pitch was fun. He seems like a very determined and hard nosed kid. Kind of like a kokoyakyu version of Doc Halladay. And he was crying the most after the game ended. His counterpart LHP Kamatani was a bit tougher. Interestingly enough both teams had an almost identical scoreline and the game had a much closer feel than the final result might suggest. Only the runs were different which means Kakunodate just didn’t convert their chances.

Kakunodate 100 000 000 1 11 1
Yazu       001 013 01X 6 11 1

Meanwhile we seem to get better pitching performances as the tournament moves along. People obsessed with hard throwing kids got their treat when Moriokadai Fuzoku’s RHP Matsumoto reached 150 km/h in his complete game. Toyama Shougyou’s LHP Morita had himself a double digit strikeout game today (CG, 9.0 IP, 129 pitches, 4H, 11K, 2BB, 1ER). And Tsuruga Kehi’s RHP Hiranuma was dominant for 8.2 IP today until Kasukabe Kyouei were able to get to him (9.0 IP, 7H, 7K, 0BB, 1R, 0ER, 100 pitches). Hiranuma gave up 4 hits over 8.2 IP and 3 with 2 out in the 9th.

That last one though is just another example of how relying on just one starter might come back to haunt you. Hiranuma pitched the first game (a 16-0 blowout) and now, on 6 days rest, had another CG. Maybe it’s time to trust your bullpen, especially with a big lead.


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