The Cards can’t take off yet


I’ve made it to two games thus far. Here’s what happened.

First up I went to watch The Cardinals play the Wanderers and I happened to take my scorebook with me. This was the first I scored a game in a ballpark without the help of or announcers. And I have to admit it’s tough. I managed to keep things on order and missed only one play, but paying attention all the time can be really exhausting.

In the first game of the doubleheader Cologne starter Jonas Gorsch held the opposition hitless through 4 innings, but he struggled in the sixth giving up 5 runs total. Thankfully his offense was already running on full throttle leading by 9 runs, so he was able to pick up the win (13-6).

The game itself was rather sloppy with lots of errors, I scored 120 total, but I might have been too strict.

This past weekend I went to watch the Cards play the Bonn Capitals. Things looked okay through two innings, but Cologne’s starter Mika Kehles fell apart in the 3rd, being tagged for 6 runs. The inning itself started slowly, but the three errors opened the floodgates. Bonn went on to win the first game 11-1 by the mercy rule. They really looked strong, clobbering two homeruns – the first ones I actually witnessed at Circlewood Stadium.

All in all Cologne looks like a promising team, yet there are some mental lapses that always do them in. I sense a small resemblance to a certain team from New York here.

They really look good on the catching position. Dallas Burke feels like a rock behind the plate and his bat is a welcome addition. Against Bonn they had Shingo Ono play 2B/RF (he also started the second game on the mound), who made some fine plays, but also had the first error in the 3rd inning, which sent things spiraling downwards.

There was a slight scare in the outfield on a flyball when CF Merlin Mendel and LF Chris Gentles closed in on one another, but fortunately no one got hurt. From the get go this had desaster written all over it.

The Cards are stuck in the bottom with a 3-9 record, but because the Northern Division only has 7 teams and except for Solingen, Bonn and Paderborn no team really separates itself from the rest, the playoff hopes are still alive.

On a side note I found it interesting that at the stadium there was a German flag flying in the outfield (okay, not that surprising), but also a Japanese and an American flag in right field. A very nice touch.


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