Half full, half empty

Three weeks into the season might be a good time to take a first look at what this Mets team is capable of doing.

Well, at first glance it’s not much except for tearing on your nerves. It is just what we were seeing late last year. Good (not great) pitching, some nice defensive plays, lots of mental lapses and a very feeble offense. And as of now that’s good for a .500 record (9-9) and nobody can quite figure out why.

At least the got rid off the “Who’s on first” joke with the trade of Ike Davis. Judging from the reports the return won’t be able to help this year (some 2013 draft pick who can play short and still is in the low minors. Maybe.). It’s Lucas Duda’s job now and I’m curious to find out how he will perform from here on. Meanwhile I sincerely hope that Ike thrives in Pittsburgh and has himself a lot over-the-railing catches.

The most exciting player on the roster is on the DL (Lagares) and instead of calling up the second most excisting player in the organization (den Dekker), they choose somebody else (sorry, Kirk). And then that somebody else goes 3-5 with 3RBI and 1HR.

Perhaps the weirdest move came with the call up of Daisuke Matsuzaka and sending him to the bullpen. He had a great relief appearance yesterday (3IP, 0H, 5K, 1BB), but I can’t help but think that this is an acccident waiting to happen. While speaking of the relief corps, it’s still a whobbly thing but it’s nice to see that the guys settled down a little bit. Now if the Mets can get rid off that home run machine Valverde (who is an ever bigger accident waiting to happen. 9.1IP, 4HR) and call up one of the kids from AAA, that would be a treat.

Still, hey, the Mets are at .500 and they already played the Braves twice and went on a west coast trip. things could have been worse. And there’s room for improvement as Granderson won’t be hitting like this (.127/.222/.238) for a whole season. At least I hope he doesn’t. D’Arnaud (.167/.259/.250) should figure it out at some point as well. Hopefully.

I guess the rollercoaster ride will continue for a while.

And always remember, they will have to go 81-63 for the rest of the season to get to 90 wins. It’s still there.

(…and I haven’t written about the shortstop limbo at all…)

And, please, can we just stop playing all those extra inning games?


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