Mets Opening Day roster 2014

While I have a few minutes I might as well take a look at the Mets roster before the first pitch at Citi Field.


Ike Davis
I could just copy-and-paste the thoughts I wrote about him last year. This year however, there’s a lot more sense of urgency and Terry Collins already stated that in case Ike is struggling at the start of the season he’ll be quick to pull the trigger and replace him with Lucas Duda. Davis had a rather mediocre spring, not so much for the numbers, but for the AB he missed while nursing a calf injury. Out of the 90-100 AB Terry wanted to give him, only a handful remained (well, yes, I’m overexaggerating here, I know). Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for Ike to do well, because, after all, it’ll help the team. It’s just that, well, for the past years it has always been the hope, only to be disappointed.

Daniel Murphy
The Mets had a lot of ttrade rumours flying around during the offseason and Daniel Murphy was right at the center. He’s still with the Mets and I really like that. Although the team has said they want to give Eric Young Jr. playing time at 2B, I think Murph should play there permanently. Yes, I know, he’s in for quite a few botched plays, a few brain cramps and so on. But he is a player who, at least I think while watching from afar, gives it his all and hustles all the time. Now if he can extend his hitting streaks a bit further…

Ruben Tejada
The headcase. And at the end of spring training things finally seem to be coming together for him. I mean, just think of it. You have a terrible 2013 season right out of the gates, you get sent down, go back to the bigs again, only to injure yoourself. Then you do what the team tells you and go to some special training center in the middle of nowhere, and read the papersm saying that the team shoudl sign some other player because you are not good enough. Then you come back to spring training … and misplay almost every ball hit at you. And finally, finally over the last week things are coming together. You start hitting, you start fielding, and you can feel comfortable for the season. Tejada has shown he can hit and field. I hope he can show it again.

David Wright
Same procedure as last year. Captain. ‘Nuff said.


Chris Young
For the Chris Young signing to pay off he needs to get back to his 2010 numbers. Because otherwise the Mets have enough great-fielding, light-hitting outfielders and I’d rather watch Matt den Dekker roam Citi Field. With Young having trouble staying on the field that might be the case sooner than later. To have somebody like den Dekker waiting in the Minors is rather reassuring, mind you.

Juan Lagares
Defensive whiz. Human highlight reel. Call him whatever you wannt, but he’s been just fun to watch since his call up. If he can hit .250 with a .320 OPB that should justify he starts in centerfield. Anyway, his defense should play. The Mets need that.

Curtis Granderson
Protection for the captain. That’s Granderson’s job. Whatever he does in the outfield is a bonus in my eyes. Granderson has shown what he can be worth and I think one should not take his 2013 season as a measure for how he will fare with the Mets. If he can provide some power, he should be an upgrade. Not necessarily over the guy who played rightfield for the Mets last year. Something around .250/.325/.550 with 20 HR should be fine with me. Is that asking too much? Just cut down the strikeouts.


Travis d’Arnaud
Key. He needs to come around for the Mets to stay relevant. Last year was all about learning the new environment, getting to know the pitching staff, adjusting to the new level. This year he should focus on his hitting. Without losing sight of his pitchers. It’s a difficult job and he’s no Piazza, we all know that. But he should be a bit better that his .202/.286/.263 line from last year.


Eric Young Jr.
This is wishful thinking, I know, but I’d consider EY Jr a bench player. The stolen base title last year was fun, oky, but he needs to get on base and I somehow don’t see that. Well, I guess we have to wait and see how it all plays out. I think TC will put him in the lineup more often than he will leave him out. Perhaps playing him at 2B some times, and some times playing him in the outfield.

Lucas Duda
I put him in here for the time being although I’m curious to find out if TC lives up to his word when he said he won’t hesitate to bench a player when he isn’t performing and producing results. He should see time in interleague play and I really hope he finds his stroke. Maybe he can be useful as a left-handed pinch hitter in close games. Although I won’t count on it.

Josh Satin
Again, I could just copy what I wrote about Duda and replace left for right. Satin will come in handy in case Wright goes down, but, let’s not kid ourselves, no one will be able to replace the Captain. But he showed he can be a useful pinch hitter and, who knows, maybe he’ll raise some eyebrows again.

Anthony Recker
Recker, from what I saw, had a very nice spring and in case d’Arnaud struggles, he should provide at least an adequate replacement. And we’re all looking forward to him pitching another inning in an extra inning affair against the Marlins, don’t we.

Omar Quintanilla
From zero to hero? I wouldn’t place my money on this. Solid defense, no offense.

Andrew Brown
He had his moments last year, but we shouldn’t have high expactations. My guess is he’ll be somewhere else during the season.

Starting pitching

Zack Wheeler
He’s supposed to replace the buzz Harvey generated last year and I have to say I’m really anxious to find out how he matures during his first full season in the majors. I just hope he stays healthy and provides some memorable games. Hopefully his teammates score a few more runs for him when he’s pitching well, so he’ll have something to show for at the season’s end.

Bartolo Colon
The hitting. This hitting! That’s what I’m looking forward to. Apart from that I still have my reservations against signing a PED fraud. He’ll hopefully give the team the needed innings. And maybe they can flip him for a few prospects if things go downhill.

Jonathon Niese
The injury-riddled spring didn’t really help Niese and it cost him his opening day start. Just as for Wheeler I really hope he can stay healthy and improve on what he did last year. Which at some points was really good and at some other points … well, you know the rest

Dillon Gee
I’m really rooting for Gee to duplicate the second half he had last year and extend it over the full season. I really like to watch him pitch and when he’s on he can stifle a lineup at any given day.

Jenrry Mejia
I won’t make a lot of friends saying I wanted Matsuzaka in this spot. Seriously, Meija will give you around 70-80 innings. And then what? Matsuzaka had proven himself worthy of the 5th spot. I see what Meija is capable of doing, but he won’t be available after a short time and if they really extend his workload to over 100 innings then everybody will cry when he’s injured next year.


Bobby Parnell
I really don’t know what to expect. Until he went down with an injury last year he was really good. But the velocity seems to have gone and without it Parnell just isn’t the same pitcher. he needs to thow hard. If he doesn’t there will be a lot of comeback losses and blown saves.

Jose Valverde
Yet another piece of the bullpen which whom I don’t have any expectations whatsoever. He might be the emergency closer, but can he really turn back time and become the pitcher he was with Detroit? I have my doubts.

Jeurys Familia
He’s interesting. Yet another one of those young arms from the farm. Who knows, maybe he can step up when Parnell can’t finish the job?

Gonzalez Germen
The power of Germen engerneering. Somehow the one word that comes to my mind when I hear his name is “enigmatic”. Sometimes brilliant, other times … oh well.

Carlos Torres
Long man. Swing man. Emergency starter. I liked his performance last year and I hope he can be a rock in this rather shaky looking bullpen

Scott Rice
Everyday Scott Rice. I really hope TC gives him enough rest. He deserves it.

John Lannan
Finally a second lefty in the pen. I’m curious to find out how he will cope from being a starter to going to the pen. here’s hoping it won’t be a long and winding road.

This, just in case you didn’t notice, is how I would play those guys. But then again, I know nothing about the game, so there you go. And with seemingly every player going down one way or the other before the first pitch of the season, we might see a whole different bunch of Mets next week. Oh my.

But with that being said: play ball! I’m happy the season finally starts!


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