Spring Koshien opening day almost brings a no-hitter

The Spring Koushien tournament kicked off today and almost produced a no-hitter.

I tuned in to today’s last game of Koyamadai (Tokyo) vs Riseisha (Osaka) right in time for the local boys to load the bases and score a grand slam on the bat of 3B Tsuji after Koyamadai’s starter Itou loaded the bases with three consecutive walks. I wasn’t really aware that Riseisha’s starter Mizota was pitching a no-hitter until they were showing the scoreboard with all the zeros on TV.

Edwin of the Kokoyakyu blog then pointed out that there was a play in the first inning he scored as a hit and the official scorer had it as an error. Koyamadai RF Kazama had hit a hard ball towards Risheisha 1B Kinuda, who botched the ball a little bit, before throwing it to Mizota who was covering first base. But the ball was hit so hard that I’m with Edwin on this one that it should have been scored a hit instead of an error.

Still until the 9th inning Komyamadai was still searching for their first valid hit and they got it with one out. Pinch hitter Takeshita legged out an infield single. Which, of course wasn’t enough since Riseisha was ahead 11-0 at that point, but at least they weren’t going to get no-hit, which would have been a horrible memory I suppose.

One remark to the pitching: of course both pitchers went the distance with Mizota coming in on a clean 116 pitches (9IP, 1H, 8K, 0BB), while his counterpart Itou had to labour through 8 innings on 176 pitches. Cue the “Abuse”-chants.

Before this one Kamimura Gakuen (Kagoshima) beat Iwakuni (Yamaguchi) 6-1 and Fukuchiyama Seibi (Kyoto) reached the next round by defeating Yamanashi Gakuin Fuzoku (Yamanashi) 6-2.

Great rendition of Ama-chan by the Koyamadai ouendan as a goodie.


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