MLB returns to German living rooms

A German TV station just announced they have acquired the MLB TV rights for Germany for this season.

Sport1US will show roughly 60 games over the 2014-2016 seasons and I haven’t found out yet whether this will include the postseason and this will include the Allstar Game and the postseason (Link). While 60 games isn’t much one always has to keep in mind that in 2013 there was no TV coverage of MLB baseball in Germany at all. So this might be a chance to gauge at least some interest in the sport in Germany.

The station said they will broadcast the games using the original commentary, which on the one hand will attract the normal fan who might also call an subscription his own, but might scare away people who have not had any contact to the sport whatsoever. Those people will have a hard time to follow the action and will have to educate themselves on how the game works. They’re also trying to get people to watch by promoting Donald Lutz and the Cincinnati Reds to get people to watch and that might backfire if Lutz remains in the minors (he’s been sent to AAA camp already) for long parts of the season.

So whether this will help baseball in Germany or not is anybody’s guess. For the moment it’s good to see that there seems to be enough interest in baseball in Germany for a station to shell out some money (couldn’t have been much though) for broadcasting rights.


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