The benefits of a game without a time limit

There is this great line in the japanese drama series “H2” (which everybody should watch. It’s just gorgeous).

The setting is the game between the “friends of baseball” circle and the football club of Senkawa High School. The main character Hiro Kunimi just switched sides and comes to bat. After being lectured that he’s fighting for a lost cause with the “friends of baseball” circle being down 8-1 he hits a grand slam. When he crosses home plate he tells Kine, who’s pitching for the football club (at around 7:33):


“Let me show you the benefits of a game without a time limit”

Which, basically, is what makes baseball such a great game. And even if the rally falls short, it’s still fascinating to watch how a team battles back from a large deficit. I had the pleasure of watching that 9th inning below while the drama was unfolding and to this day it is still a great memory.

2009 Summer Koshien final. Nihon Bunri vs Chuukyou Dai. Bottom 9th. Chuukyou Dai leads 10-4. Nihon Bunri is batting. And it all gets interesting, when they’re down to their last out. Enjoy.


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