Hello Curtis

The Mets singed Curtis Granderson and I still don’t know what to make of it.

I reckon there weren’t many days in the past when the Yankees lost a key player who got a lot of money elsewhere and the Mets signed a big free agent. Well, since Curtis Granderson will roam the outfield in Flushing next season, where does this leave the rest of the bunch? I honestly have no idea. I’ll be blunt here: I’d have loved to see the Mets acquire Nori Aoki. First of all, he’s a Japanese player, but that’s just me. Sure, he doesn’t have Granderson’s power, but I like his overall numbers and I always appreciate the hustle Japanese players show on the field. Not to take anything away from Granderson, he’s a hardnosed player as well. But, and this is important, Aoki would have been the cheaper solution to the Mets’ outfield problems. well, it wasn’t meant to be. I still don’t get why the Mets wouldn’t have gone harder after Aoki (how about an offer of Montero, de Grom and one of Davis and Duda?), but that chapter is closed.

So it’s Granderson who has put up fine numbers at that Bronx bandbox. We’ll have to wait and see how this translates to Citi Field, but I don’t think he’ll hit 40 dingers again. I am also a bit worried about his strikeout numbers. This doesn’t bode well for a Mets lineup that desperately needs protection for their captain to be successful. His batting average is very low as well.

So where does this leave the rest of last year’s Mets? As one of the Mets’ beat writers noted recently the signing of Granderson could cause some trade stones to fall. Suddenly there’s a chance to regroup the infield. Meaning Eric Young Jr could move back to 2B and Daniel Murphy become expandable. A package with Murphy and one player out of the 1B surplus might bring back some ind of a shortstop competition for Tejada. On the other hand I’d rather see them trade Young. Sure, Murphy is slower and only bats lefthanded, but I think he’s a better hitter than Young and the Mets need players who put the ball in play. Especially since they’ve  got themselves Granderson and his low BA.

On the other hand an outfield with Granderson, Lagares and den Dekker (who we all hope will start hitting like he has done before when he got promoted to a higher level) looks very good and is a huge upgrade from where the Mets were at the beginning of 2013 (remember “what outfield”?). [edit]…cripes, I completely forgot about Chris Young. Trade bait?

There is potential, even with Harvey being out for the year. But it all depends if the Mets can fill the very deep holes at SS and 1B. And I wouldn’t want to rely on a bounceback season from Davis or Duda. Don’t get me wrong, I like ’em both, but … well … the numbers. Don’t look good. As for Tejada and the SS mess, there’s no real solution, is there? I still don’t get why the Mets didn’t give Turner a contract. He was a reliable backup at least.

That being said, the offseason is still young and finally there’s movement and some reason to get excited about next year. And that’s good.


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