Pulling the tarp on the field (for now)

The Just Baseball podcast’s season roundup edition is out and while I’m at it, why not write something about the season.

Well, the days are getting shorter, it’s getting colder and the season is over. But until I go to total hibernation I’m listening to a wonderfully hilarious radio stream coversing the Asia Series (baseball with an Australian commentary. You can’t make this thing up. Brilliant!) and writing these lines.

I guess what you do at the end of the year is go back to what you thought might happen while everybody was still in spring training. And my predictions were a complete desaster. And quite frankly, I didn’t expect anything less. I had the Tigers winning the whole damn thing over the Nationals (well, that was close), the Red Sox came in fourth in my AL East and the Cardinals were defeated by the Dodgers in the NLCS. So much for that.

In the end things turned out diffenrently, but I have to admit that the fever didn’t get me this time around as I didn’t watch one game of the World Series. While I have a soft spot for the Red Sox, ever since they won in 2007 they somehow became rather boring to me over the past few seasons. And this year’s slightly improbable run didn’t change anything. As for the Cards, well, my American friends are making sure there are no sympathies whatsoever.

Looking back at the season I think one can say that it was a good one. The race to the playoffs was close, the right teams got in and in the end it seemed to have been a thrilling World Series. What else can you ask for. But still, it just ain’t that much fun if your team isn’t in it.

The Mets had the season I was expecting of them. Of course, there were the Harvey Days. Which were great while they lasted. The Wheeler Days had some appeal as well. It was a joy to watch Juan Lagares throw people out at home plate. There were small moments which made the whole thing great, but all in all the whole season was one brutal mess (again).

Looking across the ocean the Hanshin Tigers made it to the Climax Series, but, well, because they are the Tigers they had to fold it up against the Carp. Still, the Japanese postseason was far more exciting to me than its American counterpart. Maybe it was because of all the innuendo that comes with the Golden Eagles, beginning with their inception in 2005, the catastrophe in 2011 and Masahiro Tanaka’s great season this year. Let’s face it, they derserved to win. And I’ll never forget the comments when Ma-kun came out for the 9th in the deciding game after throwing a CG 160 pitch outing the day before.

Coco Balentien’s homerun chase was great entertainment and Watching Shintaro Fujinami pitch was very entertaining as well.

But I guess the most exciting things were taking place right around the neighbourhood, meaning that the German Bundesliga had a great season which culminated in a nailbiting final series which came down to the last game with Regensburg winning it all. And while that was a treat, what was even better was watching actual games live at the stadiums. The highlight here being the Allstar Game in Bonn.

The German players in the States made some noise (and some history) as well, so all in all, from a European/German point of view, it was a very good year and I’m already looking forward to the next one.


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