Playoff action in Germany

The German baseball postseason kicked off last weekend.

Most of the series actually went as expected with the favourites taking an early series lead. Here are the current series standings:

Haar Disciples – Solingen Alligators 1:1
Hamburg Stealers – Regensburg Buchbinder Legionäre 0:2
Paderborn Untouchables – Heidenheim Heideköpfe 0:2
Mainz Athletics – Bonn Capitals 1:1

I watched the first game of the Hamburg-Regensburg doubleheader and it was clear to see that the Legionäre are ahead of the class. Solid pitching and a very potent offense were too much for the Stealers to handle.

The playdowns are also in full swing. Here are the series standings:

Berlin Sluggers – Dohren Wild Farmers 0:2
Dortmund Wanderers – Cologne Cardinals 1:1

Tübingen Hawks – Stuttgart Reds 0:2
Mannheim Tornados – Bad Homburg Hornets 1:0 (2nd game ppd)

I was following the Dortmund-Cologne series via twitter and that one looks like it’ll become a classic. The Cards were leading for a long time in game 1 only to fall to the Wanderers in the 9th in walkoff fashion. Both teams remained in a deadlock in the second game with Cologne leading 1-0, until Dortmund tied the score late. Things unraveled for the Wanderers in the 11th inning, when a balk forced in the go ahead run. Cardinals starting pitcher Alex Rivers tossed all 11 inning with a line of 5 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 14 K and only 1 BB. Huge performance.

The Mannheim vs Bad Homburg make up game will take place tonight and the rest of the series will be played this weekend.


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