Postseason in the German Baseball Bundesliga

The playoffs of the German Baseball Bundesliga will kick off this weekend.

There is no seperation between the northern and southern division, so they will play a crossover playoff in which the first place team from the North will play the 4th place team from the South, the 2nd place North will play the 3rd place South and so on. You get the picture. This brings us to the following matchups:

Haar Disciples (South 4th) vs Solingen Alligators (North 1st)
Hamburg Stealers (North 4th) vs Regensburg Buchbinder Legionäre (South 1st)
Paderborn Untouchables (North 3rd) vs Heidenheim Heideköpfe (South 2nd)
Mainz Athletics (South 3rd) vs Bonn Capitals (North 2nd)

All series are best-of-five series and will be played on separate weekends. This weekend will see the lower placed teams host the higher placed teams for a double header. A week from now the higher placed teams will have home games with a doubleheader on Saturday and (if needed) the deciding game 5 on Sunday.

Because we have a relegation league in Germany, the teams ranked 5th through 8th in both divisions will play playdown series. This is a little more complicated. First the 5th place will play the 8th place and the 6th place will play the 7th place. Those series are intra-division series, so the teams from the North will only play northern teams and the south will do vice versa. This is because the 2nd division is also divided into a northern and a sourthern division, so you need the teams to match up or you might end up with a crooked number of teams in either division depending on the outcome. Anyway, here are the first round matchups:

Berlin Sluggers (8th place) vs Dohren Wild Farmers (5th place)
Dortmund Wanderers (7th place) vs Cologne Cardinals (6th place)

Tübingen Hawks (8th place)vs Stuttgart Reds (5th place)
Mannheim Tornados (7th place) vs Bad Homburg Hornets (6th place)

These are also best-of-five series played on the same days as the playoff games. The winners will stay in the 1st division. For the losers (and for myself explaining this) things get interesting (and complicated). The losing teams play another best-of-five series. The loser will be relegated to the 2nd division. And, from what I understand, the winner will play another series against one of the 2nd division teams who play a playoff themselves to determine the teams who’ll get promoted.

For those who are interested, the internet service of the Regensburg Buchbinder Legionäre will provide coverage of their series with the Hamburg Stealers, starting on August 24th at 1 PM (that’s 7 AM ET, for all my American friends, 8 PM for you guys in Japan). They do a great job in covering the games and provide German commentary as well. Legionäre TV can be found HERE.

Let the games begin!


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