We have a winner!

Congratulations to Maebashi Ikuei! 

I wasn’t able to watch the final because of my work, but here’s a very nice highlight video that seems to cover every out and every play of yesterday’s final between Maebashi Ikuei from Gunma and Nobeoka Gakuen from Miyazaki. There are quite a few very nice defensive plays to behold. Great! That throw by the Nobeoka Gakuen right fielder to home plate in the first inning, awesome. On the other hand, the Nobeoka starting 2B had to come out right after the first play of the game. Just tragic. See for yourselves.

The setting is just wonderfull with the sun shining, the packed stadium and the bands giving it their all, just like the players on the field. That contest was won by Nobeoka Gakuen, I’d have to say. Just look at this video (hat tip to Edwin!). That’s dedication.

It was a great tournament with a first time winning school at the end and I’m already looking forward to next year’s edition. Meanwhile enjoy Edwin’s game summary.


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