The German Baseball Bundesliga Allstar Game 2013


They are playing baseball the right way in Germany and because of that they’re also having themselves an Allstar Game.

This year’s edition was held at the home stdium of the Capitals in Bonn. A wonderful setting for the occasion, if it wasn’t for the rather annoying weather. Lots of rain. Not quite the best conditions for a ball game. But the crowd of over 600 wasn’t affected by that, enduring the cold and the elements.

Well, a few things I’ll just take straight from the gameday program. It looks as if they weren’t having an Allstar Game every year. Last year’s game at Paderborn was the first ASG in 10 years. Whether that’s because of logistical reasons or something else, I don’t know. All I can say that this year’s edition was a blast.

We arrived in time for the 2nd round of the homerun derby which they were doing before the game. There weren’t a lot of homeruns to see, but the players took some very nice swings. It was just great to hear the crack of the bat and watch the ball fly while standing (it was raining) on the terraces in right field. Hey, the ballpark is worth a trip itself. Located in Bonn’s Rheinaue right next to the Rhine it’s a complex with three fields (one little league). The stadium itself has concrete stands on which you can sit. Because of the rain that was nearly impossible, but just by imagining the ballpark in bright sunshine should put a smile on a baseball fan’s face. Very, very beautiful indeed. Around the park the had a few concession stands where they were serving food and beverages. Two baseball gear shops were there as well, so if you were looking for a bat or a glove, that would have been your chance.

The teams were made up by players from the Northern and the Southern divisions of the Baseball Bundesliga. Every team had to be represented by at least one player, but no more than three players of one team were allowed on the team. I am not familiar with the selection process, but I have to guess that the head coach chose the players.

The whole setting was a great copy of the real thing itself. It was all just a bit smaller than across the pond. They had the lineups introduced, they had the national anthem (in a rather … let’s say interesting rendition), they had a ceremonial first pitch. There was a logo painted on the arrea behind home plate and they had black, red and yellow balloons all over the place. The players were wearing their respective home and away uniforms, so the South, who were the home team in this game, played in white (only a few players wore coloured jerseys) and the North in the dark tops.

There were some familiar names on the rosters. E.g. for the south Sascha Lutz, the brother of Germany’s first majoer leaguer Donald, was manning left field. Ludwig Glaser, who spent some time in the Angels organization, was also playing for the south, while there was an Adam Greenberg representing the Berlin Sluggers for the Northern team. That name did ring a bell with me, but this wasn’t the Adam Greenberg of one AB hit by pitch fame, but a younger player from California.

This being only the third baseball game I watched in Germany I found it fascinating to see the high level of play over 9 innings. There were some great outfield catches and some very nicely turned double plays. The pitching also seemed a lot faster than during the two Cardinals games I saw this year. The result doesn’t really matter here, we all know that, but the North won 6-3 with Alex Rivers of the Cardinals getting the save after he allowed the tying run to come to the plate.

No, this was all about celebrating the game and the best players in Germany and the Bonn Capitals did a great job! The Regensburg Legionäre were so kind to stream the event online, so maybe a few people were able to watch the game from their homes and might head out to next year’s Allstar Game. Because, hey, you can’t go wrong with paying  €5 for such an event.

By the way: Did I mention the food? Delicious.

Roster Team North
OF Adam Greenberg (Berlin Sluggers)
OF Florian Nehrig (Bonn Capitals)
P Charles Edward Olson (Bonn Capitals)
C Bradley Roper-Bubbert (Bonn Capitals)
P/IF Alex Rivers (Cologne Cardinals)
IF Jordan Mike Rodgers (Cologne Cardinals)
C Dominco Milo (Dohren Wild Farmers)
IF Garret Rogers (Dohren Wild Farmers)
P Joseph Peter Zrinzo (Dohren Wild Farmers)
IF Kevin Faries (Dortmund Wanderers)
OF Roy Gregory Wesche (Dortmund Wanderers)
OF Brent Francis Buffa (Hamburg Stealers)
C Eric Krzysiak (Hamburg Stealers)
OF Michael Kujoth (Hamburg Stealers)
OF Moritz Buttgereit (Solingen Alligators)
IF Tanner Leighton (Solingen Alligators)
P Nick Renault (Solingen Alligators)
P Harry Glynne (Paderborn Untouchables)
C Robert B. Herrmann (Paderborn Untouchables)
IF Daniel Hinz (Paderborn Untouchables)

Roster Team South
P Elliot Glynn (Bad Homburg Hornets)
P Spenser Payne (Bad Homburg Hornets)
P Brian Fields (Haar Disciples)
IF Joshua Petersen (Haar Disciples)
IF Lukas Steinlein (Haar Disciples)
C Simon Gühring (Heidenheim Heideköpfe)
OF James McOwen (Heidenheim Heideköpfe)
IF Jay Pecci (Heidenheim Heideköpfe)
IF Max Boldt (Mainz Athletics)
P Patrick Haugen (Mainz Athletics)
C Kevin Kotowski (Mainz Athletics)
P Jan-Niclas Stöcklin (Mannheim Tornados)
P Mike Bolsenbroek (Regensburg Legionäre)
IF Ludwig Glaser (Regensburg Legionäre)
IF Matt Vance (Regensburg Legionäre)
IF Christopher Beck (Stuttgart Reds)
C Matti Emery (Stuttgart Reds)
OF Sascha Lutz (Stuttgart Reds)
OF Clarence Brown (Tübingen Hawks)
P Joshua Hodges (Tübingen Hawks)


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