Upsets, yay!

One big name had to fold it up at Koshien today. 

Nichidaisan, the representative of Western Tokyo lost 7-1 to Nichidai Yamagata. Ediwn, as usual, has the recap and he couldn’t believe it either. I wasn’t awake to watch the upset, but I tuned in to today’s last game of Hiroshima’s Setouchi against Meitoku Gijuku from Kochi. The game had already progressed into the 5th inning and was still at 1-0 for Meitoku Gijiku, but iit was a very fine pitching duel between Setouchi’s Yamaoka (8IP, 6H, 9K, 3BB, 1ER) and Meitoku’s Kishi (9IP, 6H, 6K, 1BB, 1ER). It’s always sad that one of those guys has to go back home, because it’s always great to see good pitching performances at Koshien, but that’s how the tournament goes. I missed what schoolyear Yamaoka’s in, so it would be sad if he didn’t get another chance (looking as this site it looks as if he’ll graduate this year. Tough luck). But he found his master in his counterpart Junichi Kishi, who held the Setouchi lineup in check for almost the whole game.

Just for the record, Hanamaki Higashi and Yokohama are through to the next round. So no upsets there.


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