First we’ll take the desert, then we’ll take L.A.! (hopefully)

Had somebody told me the Mets would be trailing Nationals for 2nd place by only 2 games in the middle of August I’d have signed off on that instantly.

I wasn’t able to catch that many games since the beginning of August, but the Mets are playing solid baseball and are slowly but steadily climbing up the ladder on their primary goal to reach .500. Which is all they should aim for in my opinion. Don’t overpace yourself. Now your limits. Not everybody is a Matt Harvey. But his competitiveness seems to rub off on his team mates. And they weren’t even fazed by their captain going to the DL.

It’s just so much fun to watch the pieces fall into place. Need a new pitcher? Call up Jenrry Mejia, he’ll get the job done. The outfield? It ain’t Mays, Mantle and the Duke, but the guys out there are playing sound and solid baseball. And they’re even starting to hit every now and then. Which is – let’s be honest here – more than anyone expected at the start of the season. The captain goes down? Hey, Wilma … uhm, I’m sorry Wilmer’s here. The RBI machine. Oh, your closer has a herniated disc and is on the DL? What about a 40+ journeyman closing your games. Yup, it’s fun to watch these Mets play. It really is.

I’ll be blunt here, the Mets haven’t faced the toughest competition over the past days and they will run into the red hot Dodgers starting tonight. But, hey, why not? Why not take a game or two from L.A.? Harvey’s pitching after all. And Gee. And Mejia. And then anything could happen.

And, and this is something I really like, Ike Davis. Get this, his OBP sits at .706 since the start of August. .706! That’s ridiculous. And that’s without the power, he doesn’t have a home run in that stretch.

Yes, I know, the NL East sucks this year. There’s the Braves and then there’s the rest. But for Mets to hang in and battle for 2nd place is more than anyone could have asked for. And they deserve to be up there. Even with a record under .500. Even with Washington and Philadelphia not making the most out of their ballclubs. The Mets deserve it. Because they play the game the right way. And I like that.


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