Germans abroad: The week in review (08/02/13-08/09/13)

A look at what the German minor leaguers were doing last week.

C Kai Gronauer (Las Vegas 51′s, AAA)
According to his MiLB profile page Gronauer is still listed as on the 7-day DL. That means he still hasn’t seen any action since July 2nd. In the meantime he shared some tweets by major leaguers on the A-Rod suspension, showing that he, too, wants a clean game.

LF Donald Lutz (Pensacola Blue Whahoos, AA)
Lutz had an up and down week, with three 2+ hit games, but also with 4 o-fers. All in all he collected 9 H in 8 games with 6 RBI, 2 BB and 7 K. The strikout numbers are pretty interesting, as he had 1 K in 7 of his 8 games. Consistency. Overall his minor league numbers for the season now sit at .240/.318/.423 with 7 Hr and 30 RBI.

OF Max Kepler-Rosicky (Cedar Rapids Kernels, A)
Kepler had a rough week, going 6-32 over 8 games. Still, during that stretch he only struck out only 4 times, which means he must have had a hard time with his BABIP. He’s also seen extended playing time at 1B over the past week. Overall he’s hitting .243/.329/.402.

RHP Daniel Thieben (Pulaski Mariners, Advanced Rookie)
Thieben only appeared in one game over the past week. On August 8th he pitched 1.1 while giving up 2 runs (1 earned) on two hits, one of those being a home run, while walking two and striking out one. What’s striking are his numbers with runners on and with empty bases. With bases empty batters are hitting .414/.500/.552 against him, which is – let’s be honest – pretty damn ugly. But, with runners on that line turns into a very respectable .152/.364/.455, at least from the batting average side. The OBP is still too high.


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