All Star Game aftermath (and podcast)

Before the daily grind returns here are my thoughts on the All Star Game.

  • To get this out of the way first: Mariano Rivera’s appearance was phenomenal. Everybody knows he deserved this. The players read the atmosphere and stay off the field. Leyland did the right thing bringing him in for the 8th. Everything was perfect. As it should be.
  • Anybody accusing Matt Harvey of intentionally throwing at Robinson Cano’s knee has obviously never seen Harvey pitch. Accident. Happens. Move on.
  • Harvey’s start wasn’t a thing of beauty right off the bat but I thought he settled in nicely. Just a nice way of showcasing what a typical Mets game looks like. Great pitcher, offense don’t score, bullpen blows it.
  • Speaking of pitching: oh what a night. I’m a sucker for pitching lines with lots of zeros, so there you go.
  • Prince Fielder lumbering around the bases for a triple was the biggest laugh of the night. Wonderful.
  • Just as wonderful as seeing Tom Seaver throwing out the first pitch.
  • The crowd was awesome when Rivera took the field, but was the booing of Carlos Beltran really necessary?
  • Too bad Hisashi Iwakuma and Yu Darvish weren’t able to make an appearance.
  • Not a word about doping, drugs and that stuff from the booth. As expected. Still a shame.

It was fun while it lasted, but I’m glad we’re back to games that mean something. Well, at least on paper. And in the meantime check out the new episode of the Just Baseball podcast. We’re talking about – guess what – the All Star Game.


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