Kensuke Tanaka’s MLB debut

As the Mets handed the Giants another loss just a few words on Kensuke Tanaka‘s introduction on SNY.

I love the Mets commentators. I really do. But it sometimes happens that the booth doesn’t have their facts straight. It’s rare, but it does happen. So I slightly flinched when Gary told the audience, as Tanaka was making his way to the batter’s box for his first major league at bat, that he had played for the Nippon Ham Fighters of the Central League. This might be nitpicky, but that’s just like saying the Mets play in the American League. Of course the Fighters play in the Pacific League.

Whatever, the brighter side of Mets’ commentating came only a few moments later when Keith was explaining Tanaka’s batting style, comparing it to Sadaharu Oh’s high leg kick. And while he was at it, he called Oh the “international home run king”, which I found pretty cool. Especially because that game was at San Francisco.

Well, Mr Tanaka had himself a very nice first game, making a great catch in left and recording his first major league hit.


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