Give the Mets a break

15, 20, 15, 16. Don’t even try to find some kind of logic in those numbers.

The Mets need a break. They look like they’re banged up. They look like they’re on reserve fuel. And still they manage to hang in. Somehow.

I have no idea how they won last night’s extra inning affair against the Giants, but looking up’s gametracker at 07:00 AM in Germany and reading all the comments on Twitter sure was a lot of fun. Very entertaining.

To get back to the point, here’s an article which deals with the stretch the Mets find themselves in right now. And it isn’t funny. And to make matters worse, Matt Harvey has been pitching with a blister on the fingers of his throwing hand over the past three starts. Which would explain his rather rocky outings lately, but of course he wouldn’t use that as an excuse. Just … Harvey-ish.

Did I mention David Wright’s a terrific third baseman?

And, no, the thought of seeing Jordany Valdespin on the mound does not justify all those extra inning games.


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