Who’s your ace?

You might know the answer to this one, but just for the sake of it, let’s look at some numbers.

Here’s pitcher A:

7 G, 44 IP, 1.64 ERA, 8 BB, 37 K, 1.068 WHIP

And here’s pitcher B:

7 G, 45 IP, 3.00 ERA, 10 BB, 57 K, 1.067 WHIP

Pretty similar, eh? I think from the number of strikeouts it should be clear who pitcher B is. It is, of course – congratulations on making your first allstar game – Matt Harvey. The ERA is a bit up over the past weeks, but it’s still a great pitching line. And, no, I won’t be talking about some magazine which came out this week. Geez.

Now, pitcher A is the guy everybody was viewing as the odd man out in the whole Wheeler promotion. Yes, Jeremy Hefner. Who in some clandestine way remade himself to become the second best pitcher on the Mets’ starting rotation. Or, as the numbers will tell you, right now he is the staff’s ace. Yesterday was no exception. He flat out dominated the Brewers for 7 innings (2H, 1ER) and it was nice to see the team got him the win in the end. At this moment he is the clear No. 2 on the pitching staff.Or is the No. 1? Does it really matter?

But with Gee also finding his rhythm it – at least that’s what it seems to me – takes a bit of the pressure off Wheeler to be the heir apparent to Marvelous Matt.

I won’t say anything about how this season might be saved if certain things fall into place. Because it won’t be saved. But at least one can right now look forward to the days Hefner is starting, because it might be one hell of a fine pitching performance.



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