It ain’t over ’til it’s over

Where would we be without Yogi Berra. Seriously.

The date is April 30th 2009. In case you were keeping score, that’s the bottom of the 9th, Yokohama were leading 2-0 and Hanshin already down to their final out. And along came Imaoka with a base hit (who’s already on base), Hirano with a double, Sekimoto, who reaches on a throwing error, Toritani with a base hit and – save the best for last – “Aniki” Kanemoto with the sayonara single.

Seriously, this is why I love to watch this game. You only win it if you record 27 outs. And if you’re the team trailing, you still have chance to win if you manage to stay alive.

This Koshien atmosphere is just unbelievable.

And if you look closely, you might find a familiar face on the Hanshin bench. Hint: the oldest/looking 37-year-old on the Mets roster.


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