Super 2sday – The Future Is Now

I have to say I really felt good after those two games.

Harvey and Wheeler. Is there anything else to say? Mets fans were waiting for this day and it was a treat.

I was drawn into the Harvey start, glued to the screen, waiting for every pitch. And, although I haven’t seen that many games this one has to rank pretty high on the list of dominant pitching performances. I mean, Harvey was plowing through the Braves’ lineup. Mowin’ ’em down. One after another. The way he breezed through the first inning (was that, by now, famous 100.1 mph pitch in the 1st?That one to Heyward?) there was avery reason to expect something special. Huge. Outrageous. Well, he lost the no-hit bid, but his performance was brilliant nonetheless.

I just didn’t understand why Terry Collins let him pitch that deep into the 8th inning. He should’ve pulled him after the first batter. Because for the first time I had the impression that Harvey looked like he was running out of gas. By leaving him in too long Terry almost threw away the game. Fortunately the Mets not only have a great starting pitching future, they also have one of the best closers in the game. Because Bobby Parnell was nasty. It was kinda fun reading what #MetsTwitter was wrting during the 8th and 9th as everybody seemed to be on the edge of their seat.

And Wheeler? Well, Very good start into a career, but I just didn’t see him that dominant. At least his performance wasn’t a gem to me. Granted, he escaped a few pinches here and there and he showed flashes of what he might be capable of doing, but over all I thought he was a bit too shaky. Must have been the adrenaline, I guess.

But who am I to rant? This day was great. Suddenly the future doesn’t look that bleak at all. Now, if Mr d’Arnaud could … somehow … maybe … perhaps… ?

Hey, by the way, did I mention I absolutely love this website? Cause it’s hilarious. Okay, this one‘s great as well.


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