Standard orbit walk-off

Yes, I admit, I switched to the Confederations Cup match between Italy and Mexico when the Mets were losing against the Cubs.

I mean, what else is there to do. I watch the games, I enjoy my time. But at a certain point it’s just not fun anymore. And, you know what? That’s what I like about baseball. That the whole game can change in one instant. At the blink of an eye. Loser become winners, winner become losers. And a lifeless team with no pop at all somehow finds a walk-off win.

Granted, this one came against one of the worst closers in the game right now. Had the Cubs sent a healthy Kyuji Fujikawa to the mound, I guarantee you, the Mets would have lost this one. But it was Marmol, and as Gary was saying in the top of the 9th while he was warming up: “So that might make the bottom of the 9th a little more entertaining”. Og, how right he was.

Speaking of the broadcast booth, you could really hear how Gary is longing to call something meaningful. Although the Mets had the winning run at the plate in Nieuwenhuis, although Omar Quintanilla had moved the runners over on a beautiful bunt (well excuted), somehow, at least to me, his voice didn’t sound like he believed in those Mets at all. Who’d blame him, he’s seen enough to know what was about to happen. Or so he thought. Because when Nieuwenhuis let it rip his voice changed in a hurry (Click the picture).

Goosebumps. Damn, those guys deserve to have games ending like this. All of them. From the booth right down to the field.

And next time I should make sure I watch the game to the very end…


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