Pitching Tigers (and a new ball)

I happened to check the league leaders page on Yahoo!Sports and I was pleasantly surprised.

Jason Standridge (2.23), Daiki Enokida (2.42) and Atsushi Nohmi (2.49) are leading the Cenhtral League in ERA. I have no idea why they left out Fujinami (2.42), I presume because he didn’t make as many starts. But factor in the 3.39 ERA of Randy Messenger and the Tigers rotation ranks pretty solid. It’s not quite JFK-like, but people should come up with a cool nickname for those 5 guys.

As does the whole team. Still only 0.5 game back on the Giants. Things are looking bright.

For something completely different, Jason Coskrey has a brilliant article in the Japan Times on the secret ball change in NPB and how that’s to be seen. Honestly, I didn’t read the new up until today, so this came as some surprise. I don’t get to follow NPB as closely as I’d like to, but even I thought that the number of home runs looked as if it was on the rise compared to past seasons.


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