I was watching #HarveyDay yesterday and I couldn’t help but think that this was the low point of the season up until now.

Matt Harvey was his usual self, dominating a very good St. Louis lineup for 7 innings. But because of the eight guys playing behind him, he will give up a run or two. Which isn’t a bad thing, nobody’s perfect. Although, if there’s someone who personifies the desire for perfection, it has to be Matt Harvey.

Well, the Mets don’t score runs. We all know that. But on this rough day in New York, the whole lineup looked feeble. Hapless. Completely out of place. And you have to feel for Harvey pitching for such a bad team. He’s doing everything right, yet his teammates find new ways to sabotage his wonderful starts again and again.

Help seems to be on the way (anybody heard of this Wheeler guy?), but help for what? You just have to hope that the Mets will find some bats somewhere during the next offseason. Up until then it’s torture, suffering and pain all the way.


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