Sayonara Magic

The Tigers are keeping track of 1st place of the Central League thanks to a Matt Murton sayonara homerun.

I finally had the chance to tune in to a Tigers game today and, boy oh boy, what a nice game that was. I completely missed Shintaro Fujinami’s start, which doesn’t look as if he was at the top of his game. 5.2 innings, 5K, 3ER on 118 pitches. But he is still undefeated at Koshien after Murton picked him up in the 9th (I think).

Toritani had a great at bat before Murton, reaching base on a hit to left, and the Murton just clobbered a ball to the left field stands.

Nothing better than to watch it from the stands, ey? The celebration starts at around 3:40.

So with the Giants losing to the Eagles the Tigers are still half a game back to 1st place, but they keep on winning! And I read somewhere that they want to extend Murton’s contract, which runs out at the end of the season. They might find that a hard thing to do as people across the Pacific seem to take notice of what he’s doing in NPB.


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