Baseball Nirvana in Extra Innings

At some points baseball feels very close to infinity.

The Mets and the Marlins, two of what everybody what consider two be the worst teams in baseball this season played a baseball game. Two baseball games. Almost three baseball games. For hours and hours and hours. And I couldn’t help but watch.

What started as a wonderful sunny afternoon in Germany ended in a trainwreck. Seriously, I was really looking forward to that game. Matt Harvey in a Saturday day game, which for Europeans means that the first pitch is at around 7 pm. What else can you ask for? His opponent would be Marlins phenom Jose Fernandez and right from the start both set out to prove everybody right. Well, okay, both lineups weren’t that frightening, I admit. But anyway, it was a fine pitchers duel that went to the 9th inning with the score tied at 1. And then the drama unfolded.

Well, actually it unfolded in the top of the 8th before even a single pitch was thrown. Because Matt Harvey was taken out of the game during his warm up tosses. Matt Harvey!!! World Downfall! Or so it seemed. But the inability of both line ups to score made this game, uhm, how can i put this … “memorable”.

0-19. This number will haunt me forever. It was deja vu all over again every inning the Mets came to bat. A runner at second, less than 2 outs … and no runs. Over and over and over again. It was like watching a gigantic accident unfold before your eyes in slow motion. I am fairly new to the sport, so I don’t have a lot of memorable games I can talk about, but this one I will always remember. It ranks right up there on the list of infamous Mets performances with the last game of the 2010 season at Citi Field against Washington, when Ollie Perez ended the game with a bases loaded walk in the 14 inning. I actually was there. It was my first visit to a Mets game and right after we left (I think after the 12 inning), people told me that this is what it means to be a Mets fan. Suffer.

Although, watching a six hour visual torture on television has its moments, I must say. E.g. when Ron Darling wants the game to drag on so he can skip his karaoke appointment. Or when the SNY booth starts recalling the longest games the Mets have ever played. Or when they give the out of town scores and talk about Toronto and Teaxs, who had Yu Darvish as the starter, who were also locked in and extra innings. Or when the Nationals and the Twins joined the fun by going to extras as well. It’s somewhat comparable to some buddhist meditation. A baseball nirvana. Only not in a positive sense.

One thing that nobody understood: why wasn’t John Buck pinch run for in the 9th (or was it the 10th?). The booth didn’t understand it, #MetsTwitter didn’t understand it and, although I’m new to this, I didn’t understand it as well. Poor John had to be behind the plate for the whole 20 innings.

I switch off after 19 innings, so I missed the conclusion of the game. But I won’t watch the run Shaun Marcum gave up. You have to give credit to Marcum though. 8 innings, one run, that’s pretty impressive and his performance continued the fine starting pitching by the Mets rotation. Oh well, I always wanted to watch a AAAA game. So thanks for that, Mets and Marlins.

The outlook? Well, all depends on whether Harvey is able to make his next start. Which brought people on Twitter to ask whether Wheeler will get the call to replace him.

Aah, the insanity. I just hope today’s game will be over after 9.



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