Sweet Sweep

Just when people get ready to dump the Mets in the garbage bin they come back and sweep the Yankees.

Irregular verbs are torture to German kids learning English and my father tormented me by checking irregular verbs with me all the time. Well, it was his job as an English teacher. And, although I’m slow to admit it, it really helped me master the language. So “sweep, swept, swept” has an even nicer tone to it. Especially today.

The Mets were ailing, the Yankees were riding high. And then the teams seemed to have changed their uniforms and the Mets bulldozed through the Subway Series, sweeping the Bombers. And they did it with – what else? – pitching. And not just pitching, but p-i-t-c-h-i-n-g! What a performance by the whole staff. Hey, we all know what Matt Harvey is capable of doing, but Niese, Hefner and Gee were up to the task as well. Heck, the whole pitching staff was brilliant. Every starter went at least 6 innings, the whole staff had 40 K, and … 2 BB! T-w-o!

We all know they won’t crush opponents with their offense, so the 9 run outburst has to be viewed as sort of a rogue result, but they played hard and the right way. I really liked that. I also liked that Lucas Duda was actually able to record a hit with RISP. Even better he did it against the best closer in history. That post game interview is going to be an instant classic.

Listen, I’m a realistic person, I know they won’t be able to contend. But those victories are worth the wait. And the players derserved them. I hope there will be more to come. Keep it rollin’!

Can we keep Scott Rice healthy, by the way?


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