Germans abroad: The week in review (05/17/13-05/30/13)

I ditched last week’s edition of this section, so here’s what was happening in the meantime.

LF Donald Lutz (Cincinnati Reds)
Lutz’s playing time has dimi9shed over the past weeks and I cannot say whether it’s because of his performance or because the team has been facing a lot of left-handed pitching. He sits at .250/.250/.350, but is only hitting .190 since May 14th. You have to assume he will be send down once the injured players return. But he seemed to enjoy his stay in New York while playing against the Mets.

C Kai Gronauer (Las Vegas 51′s, AAA)
Gronauer appeared in only one game in the past two weeks, and to make things worse it was only in a pinch hitting situation (no hit). It doesn’t seem like the organization has any use for him, so maybe a change of scenery might be good for him.

OF Max Kepler-Rosicky (Cedar Rapids Kernels, A)
Last thing I heard is that Kepler’s still in extended spring training.

Nothing new on Julsan Kamara, Daniel Thieben and Markus Solbach


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