No weekend woes (almost none)

As it turns out the Mets are stil able to win games when a certain person is not on the mound.

Was riding my bike back homefrom my japanese class on Thursday evening, listening to the ever brilliant WFAN broadcast which informed me that the Cardinals-Mets game wasn’t the blowout I had expected. Seemed like Jon Niese was keeping the Mets in the game and in between some hockey stories I heard Howie say he was pitching rather well. Going to bed I kept the radio on and had trouble going to sleep because Bobby Parnell was about to finish the game off with a save.

And so here we are, one Matt Harvey start later, and the Mets have won 3 out of 4. The games were brutal sometimes, but watching Harvey changing his gameplan, mowing down the opposition and even helping his own cause by knocking in the go-ahead run, was a lot of fun.

Everybody knows what to expect from Harvey, but watching Scott Rice on Sunday was even more special. Although with all the games he’s already played in I’m afraid he’s got a ticket to the DL already in his pocket.

The one problem remains to be Ike Davis. And I have to say I’m leaning towards sending him down to sort things out. He looks lost. And, judging by what happened on Saturday, his offensive woes are starting to affect his defense, which doesn’t help anybody.

There will be more 6 game losing streaks than 3 out of 4 wins. But at least sometimes the Mets show what they are capable of. I’m happy it happened on a weekend when I was able to watch a lot of games.



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