Atsushi Nohmi doing it all

You know things are going well when your pitchers are hitting home runs.

Which is something the Mets pitching staff haven’t achieved yet this season, so the Tigers are up in front of them. Atsushi Nohmi clobbered his first ever NPB homer yesterday. And what makes this even sweeter – apart from the shot being a no-doubter – it came against the Giants at Tokyo Dome.

The Tigers sit in 2nd place of the Central League. Behind the Giants, mind you (4.5 games back). But I somehow got the feeling they have been doing pretty well against their archrivals this season. There was the streak when they held them scoreless for a whole series and today The Kyojin were shut out again by Jason Standridge, a comfortable 5-0 victory!

By the way, Tigers starting pitching looks pretty good. Take a look at those numbers:

Atsushi Nohmi ERA 2.83, WHIP 1.029, K/BB 4.33
Daiki Enokida ERA 1.57, WHIP 0.816, K/9 8.4
Jason Standridge ERA 1.56, WHIP 1.117, K/BB 4.00
Shintaro Fujinami ERA 2.12, WHIP 0.941, K/9 8.5
Randy Messenger ERA 4.62, K/BB 2.21

That’s pretty decent.


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