Germans abroad: The week in review (04/26/13-05/03/13)

This past week saw the first German player in the big leagues.

LF Donald Lutz (Cincinnati Reds)
Lutz was called up to the majors on Sunday and since then has had a few at-bats and even one start. He’s 0-5, but, as the Reds commentators mentioned, he hasn’t struck out but instead made a lot of hard contact. He wasn’t tearing things up at AA Pensacola when he was called up to replace the injured Chris Heisey, but he seems to have left a strong impression with his spring training performance, which is why he got the call instead of players already in AAA. This is such big news that even newspapers in Germany picked up the information when he had his first at bat. Small articles, but articles nonetheless. Let’s hope he gets more chances to show what he’s capable of.

C Kai Gronauer (Las Vegas 51′s, AAA)
Gronauer finally got a start at AAA on Sunday and recorded his first AAA hit. Not only that, it was a double and he scored his first AAA run in the same inning. He concluded his day with another hit and a sac bunt in a Las Vegas loss. On Thursday he had his first pinch hit in AAA and his batting average sits at a solid .500 (3-6) now.

Again, nothing new on Max Kepler-Rosicky, Daniel Thieben and Markus Solbach. Their season hasn’t started yet.


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