Grand Spin

If this is what it’s like when Matt Harvey is not on top of his game, I’ll take it anytime.

Great win for the Mets. What’s not to like? A shutdown performance by the bullpen. Resilience. Clutch hitting. Great hustle on the basepaths. That’s what I’ve been looking forward to for this season. I know they won’t be in contention. Everybody knows that. There are too many holes in the lineup. Offensively and defensively. But for those games, when everything falls into place, it’s worth watching.

Granted, Harvey wasn’t as stellar as in his last starts, but he was good enough to keep the Mets in the game. And his teammates picked him up. I liked Duda’s evening with two hits and two walks. I liked it when Baxter streched his hit into a double. Hey, I’m even beginning to like that opposing leftfielders seem to fall asleep at Citi during a game.

But what I liked best was the guy tripping over some things wwhen Hairston made that spectacular catch at the railing. Watch it! The guy in the purple jacket.

What’s left to say is in this song. Take it away, boys.

Why the hell doesn’t Valdespin use this song as his walk up music anyway?!


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