Aces high

And more and more I’m starting to believe the hype.

I stayed up late for #Harveywatch last night and I was rewarded with a very nice game. At least for as long as I was able to stay awake. Which was about until the top of the 6th. But, boy, Harvey was dominant. That first strikeout of the game really set the tone (video here). Heck, the whole first inning was impressive with the kid throwing the easy heat right from the start. I had the impression he looked a bit spent after that though. But he was cruising from there on on. And he only hit a road block in the 7th when the Nats scored early and a botched doubleplay loaded the bases with nobody out. How Harvey got out of that mess – K, foul out, ground out, while still throwing mid-90s fastballs – was remarkable, I think.

I really liked the aggressive approach in the offense as well. Against a pitcher like Strasburg, who – I will admit – didn’t bringt his A game yesterday, you have to manufacture runs as fast as possible. Whenever there’s a chance, grab it. So those 2 runs in the 1st inning were huge, I think.

It’s also good to see that the big guys had a nice night offensively with both Davis and Duda going deep. Although I really have to say that Davis looks like the Ike Davis that was mired in that deep slump to start 2012. Which isn’t good. Those first to Ks of the night looked terrible. And while I still don’t think it’s right to boo your own players, I can understand why people are frustrated. Maybe he can start to pick things up from here.

And the Mets’ feel good story Scott Rice had another fine performance. Good for him.

The only bad thing about last night? That I’m going to have to wait another five days for a treat like this.


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