Get rid of the fighting

Where’s the point throwing punches at an opponent in a sports contest which is not boxing?

Honestly, I will never understand why people want to watch team players behave like drunk idiots in a bar fight. Everybody has seen what happened in San Diego last night (for those who didn’t, here’s the video).

It’s a joke. Those things, in my opinion, have no place in sports. There’s a reason why such behaviour is banned in almost every sport anywhere in the world. Only in North America, it seems, people are still thrilled to watch grown men act like a complete bunch of knuckleheads. And don’t get me started on unwritten rules or codes.

Baseball is a game in which the defense has the ball and tries to get outs. The offense tries to get hits and score. Period. Everything else is just bollocks. Not only do people get hurt, but it completely contradicts what sports is all about. At least if you ask me. There are umpires on the field. It’s their responsibility to control the game and to police the players. There is no such thing as self-defense in sports.

As a player, you have to respect your opponent. And this also calls for respecting the umpires. There are no fights in football (the world version, not the game with the egg), no, not in handball or volleyball, not in tennis. And there shouldn’t be any fights in baseball.

What I’ll never understand is how people like fights in baseball or hockey. Here’s a thought: if people stopped cheering players who are brawling on the field, might that have an effect on how those fights will be percieved? I mean, there’s almost no fights in hockey in Europe and people still go to watch the games.

The game, this game, any game, is about respect. You play. You don’t fight. Just my two cents.


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