Highs and lows

I just finished watching last night’s game and there’s only one word I can think to describe Matt Harvey’s outing: nasty.

Granted, he didn’t have his best stuff, as his catcher said, but that highlight video with his strikeouts looks just dominating. And this time it wasn’t the feeble Padres linup, it was the Phillies. Yes, they might be off to a slow start, but they are still the Phillies who can hit.

I kind of remembered last season’s start when the Mets came in to Philadelphia to take two out of three. That time, the Phillies were coming off a bad start as well, if I remember it correctly. But, then again, you have to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness.

Buck has been worth every buck sof far (pardon the cheap pun), but I also like that Duda is coming through in spots where he needs to hit. You can see some guys are coming back to normal (I’m looking at you, Mr Cowgill), though.

The Mets won’t be able to sustain this, I know. But right now it’s a lot of fun watching them play.

What’s not fun is watching Roy Halladay pitch at the moment. When I got into watching baseball I could not get past his presence. Everywhere I was reading he was labeled the best pitcher in the game and when I watched him pitch for Toronto it really was treat. This, as far as I can tell, is not the same person. Weak, labouring, painful. I have absolutely no clue, but I’d say there has to be some injury somewhere. It is really sad to watch him right now and although I am happy to see the Mets win, I’d really like Halladay to get back om track. When he is on top of his game he remains one of the most interesting pitchers in the league, I think.


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