At least they beat the Giants

It’s been a while since I had the chance to watch a Tigers game.

From what I have been reading (and mostly it’s been just boxscores) they haven’t been doing very well. Okay, it’s one thing to lose when somebody like Kenta Maeda is pitching against you. But since that opening day assault it looks like the lineup has become a little, let’s say, unstable. So I’m a bit surprised to find out that Hanshin is in third place in the Central League. Honestly.

Today’s 2-0 win against the Giants saw a wonderful pitching performance by Atsushi Nohmi. And, really, from what I’ve seen it’s the pitching that’s keeping the Tigers in the games. It’s not as bad as I thought. Still, I’m not expecting too much. At least Murton has found his hitting stride again, it seems. Yamato and Nishioka are hitting above .300 as well, but three players don’t make a winning team. The whole team has only hit three homeruns in 9 games.

At least they beat the Giants today. Let’s hope they can do it again tomorrow.


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