I can’t say I’m dissatisfied

So, now that the Mets have played two series in the season, what have I learned?

Maybe that the staring pitching really is a strength. All starters have gone at least six innings with the first two games being the sparkling ones. Matt Harvey was a force of nature on a cold night. His starts really will be fun to watch and I am already looking forward to his next one. And, well, yeah, Laffey’s start was a clunker. And, uhm, yes, it was only the Padres and the Marlins.

Fielding seems to be a problem with all the errors piling up. You can’t win ballgames just on pitching. You can try, but then you’ll have to field.

The hitting looks as if it’s okay, although it does seem that the production is coming in bunches. I mean, John Buck won’t hit like that over a whole season, right? And if he does, where’s the point in bringing up Travis d’Arnaud from the minors?

The outfield was meant to be the big unknown, but it seems they’re doing just fine out there. I’m especially happy for Lucas Duda and how he hit that bomb into the Pepsi Porch in right field.

The bullpen looks like the most suspect part. Aside from Scott Atchison and Bobby Parnell there are a lot of question marks.

All in all I believe I’m getting what I anticipated. It’s not a thing of beauty, but those Mets play like they mean business. And if business means making mistakes and screwing up at times, well, then I can’t help it. But it sure is fun to watch. As for now.

Hey, 4-2 ain’t that bad. Just look towards the Bronx.


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