Urawa Gakuin are champions of the Spring Koshien tournament

The Tomohiro Anraku of Saibi fairytale came to an end at Koshien Stadium today as he got clobbered by the Urawa Gakuin offense in a 1-17 loss.

His coach finally got him some rest, albeit after throwing another 109 pitches and getting tagged with 9 runs (3 earned) over 6 innings of work. Reliever Oota gave up another 8 runs in the 7th. Actually Saibi were leading after 2 innings taking the lead into the 5th where things started to fall apart. After bringing on Oota the coach played Anraku at 1B in the 7th and gave him the much needed rest after that inning.

On the other side Kazuya Kojima Ojima had another fine outing going the distance. He gve up 8 hits, struck out 7 and walked 2 while throwing 128 pitches.

The video of the game can be found here. And please be sure to read Edwin’s game recap and his tournament evaluation at his Kokoyakyu blog. Edwin also was kind enough to correct me on the spelling of Urawa Gakuin’s starting pitcher. It’s “Ojima”, not “Kojima”.

So congratulations to Urawa Gakuin on winning the tournament. Let’s see if both teams can make it to the Summer Koshien.


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