Niese start to the season

That Mets home opener yesterday, that one was pretty fun to watch.

Now, as I said, I don’t have any expectations to this Mets’ season, I just want to be entertained. And I think I got my money’s worth yesterday. Not only by listening to the guys in the SNY booth, who were already in midseason form, but by watching a Mets team who seemed like they were doing all the little things right. And, well, yeah, I know it was only the San Diego Padres. You could get a bad bounce and draw the Nationals on opening day and run into that freight train called Strasburg and Harper. So, everything’ well in Mets land for now.

Where do I start? Maybe with the hitting, which was very nice. Best hitter on the team? Jonathon Niese (2-2 with a walk). I like that. Even Ruben Tejada picked up the slack. That Ike Davis and Lucas Duda had ofers in the opener … oh well, nothing is perfect.

Which brings me to the pitching side. Very good performance by Niese. I think he really pitched a good game. The bullpen then held things together with Lyon and Atchison and you can credit Terry Collins for reading the atmosphere by bringing in Scott Rice for the 9th to let him have his big league debut on opening day. Well deserved.

I was also very fond of the aggressive running on the basepaths. John Buck scoring from first was a lot of fun to watch.

And, well, yes, more Cowgill.

So I’m pretty pleased how things went yesterday. But I also remember the Hanshin Tigers went on a hitting spree on opening day only to lose the next two without scoring any runs.

(…I just don’ get why people boo their own team on opening day…)


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