Tomohiro Anraku with another complete game, throwing 159 pitches

We might be witnessing the birth of another pitching legend at the Koshien tournament people will talk about in years to come.

Saibi’s Tomohiro Anraku, who pitched a 13 inning, 232 pitch complete game on Tuesday was at it again, this time against Kumamoto’s Seiseikou. Although the final score of 5-1 looks like an easy game, the winning runs only came in the 8th inning. Anraku was on the mound for another complete game again, this time tossing 159 pitches. His final line was 9 IP (CG), 7H, 8K, 1BB, 2HPB, 1ER. I just started watching the recording of the game (which can be found here), but I have to imagine that the two hit batsmen (one in the 3rd, one in the 4th) can be credited to his fatigue. To make things worse, he got hit by a comebacker on his left hand in the 1st inning.

Apart from his pitching he also had 2 hits and two RBI (with 2K), helping his own cause.

This isn’t in the Matsuzaka range yet, as Daisuke had three consecutive days of pitching in 1998, but almost 400 pitches in 5 days sure is a huge workload. Hope he gets a rest in the quarterfinal.


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