Koshien spring tournament is in full swing

The annual invitational spring tournament at Koshien Stadium is in full swing right now with the 8th day of action completed today.

I wasn’t able to keep a close eye on what was happening in Nishinomiya over the past few day, but I really like which teams are progressing forward. The Tohoku teams seem to be doing well this time with Fukushima representative Seikou Gakuin and Sendai Ikuei from Miyagi  prefecture reaching the quarterfinals. Sendai Ikuei defeated Waseda Jitsugyou 4-1. For those interested, you can check out the games on the tournament’s website. They are shown live (games usually start at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. local time), but you can also watch the recordings for every game. Just click on the number on the top of the website and you will get to the day. There you can choose your preferred game by clicking on the orange button below the box score. And then on the next page you can either choose the inning you want to watch or watch the whole game by clicking on the orange button to the right below the box score. Enjoy the games. 甲子園を楽しんでください。


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